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Task 4 – Research & Development

Although DHW HPs seem to be readily available on the market, development as well as research are still needed to increase the performance of the heat pump itself as well as the DHW-side of the DHW HP and the storage system. The goal of this task is to:

  • Share knowledges of state of the art technologies
  • Share knowledges to predict future technologies

In this case, we have to consider:   

  • Cost
  • Size
  • Efficiency
  • Common or special technologies? for each country

The final deliverable will be an R&D Roadmap based upon the needs in the market

The Contents of this task on R&D of DHW are:

  1. History of development – How systems have changed?
  2. System technologies
  3. Component technologies
  4. Kind of refrigerant
  5. End-user focused technologies                                                                                  
  6. Installer focused technologies
  7. Water quality management technologies
  8. Smart technologies (nZEB, smart grid, smart energy)
  9. Other supportive technologies
  10. Big public projects
  11. Funding support