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Task 3 – Modelling

In developing hot water heat pumps, next to the heat pump itself the storage tank is the core of the procss. In order to optimise the domestic hot water heat pumps models are developed for stratificition in the tank in relation to the heat pumping technology. In a number of technical institutes these are developed. The task focuses on: 

  • Making an overview of calculation procedures for the different systems
  • Analysing their differences
  • Using the analyses to determine the gaps, needs, and possibilities for new model development
  • Developing a new model

It is of importance that all the factors be taken into account to be able to choose a robust and reliable system for the coming decades

Available information

A number of models for desinging and developing domestic hot water heat pumps are available, often with institutes active in the field of heat pumps and solar thermal energy. This Task will make an overview of these models available.

At the 12th IEA Heat Pump Conference a number of papers were presented covering this topic:

  • Modeling and Experimental Investigations on Performance of Water Tanks in Circulating Heat Pump Water Heaters – Ruiqi Yang  – Gree Electric Appliances
  • Experimental investigation and dynamic modelling of an air to-water residential heat pump with vapor injection and variable speed scroll compressor – Bertrand Dechesne – University of Liège
  • Performance analysis and optimization of wrap-around condenser in an air source heat pump water heater system: Numerical and experimental investigation – Haijian Zhou – School of Mechanical Engineering, Tongji University, Hengyi Zhao – International Copper Association
  • Storage and hot and cold water in a thermocline for Space heating/cooling and domestic hot water – P.Dumoulin , S.Vesin, E.Mounier, N.Tauveron – CEA, Laboratoire des Systèmes Thermiques (LETh)
  • Performance Evaluation Of A Heat Pump Water Heater By Means Of Thermodynamic Simulation – Kevin Ruben Deutz – Université de Lyon, Odile Cauret – EDF R&D, Energy in Buildings and Territories Department
  • Solar Heat Pump Standard Assessment Model – Jacob van Berkel – Entry technology Support BV, Onno Kleefkens – Phetradico

Focus for the Annex

The focus is on getting an overview of models available.