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2018 – Sixth Working Meeting in Buchs – Switzerland

A number of presentation were given at the start of the fruitful Working Meeting held from 26th – 28th November in Buchs (Switzerland) on the invitation of NTB Interstaatliche Hochschule für Technik

  1. Introduction to the Interstaatliche Hochschule für Technik – prof. Stefan Bertsch
  2. Swiss policy on R&D for Heat Pumps – Stefan Renz (Chairman of the HPT ExCo)
  3. DHW Heat Pumps in NZEB – prof. Carsten Wemhöner (Operating Agent HPT-Annex 49)
  4. Test procedures for DHW HP – Mick Eschmann (NTB)
  5. Multi-criteria Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater optimization combining optimized thermodynamic performance and control – Mihai Radulescu (EDF)
  6. Example projects with DHW – Charles Geelen (Infinitus)

2017 – Third Working Meeting in Rotterdam – Netherlands

Just the day after the successful 12th IEA Heat Pump Conference in Rotterdam a broad 3rd Working Meeting was held.

Presentations were held by the new participating country, Canada and two invited observers from Spain (dr. Carles Oliet from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya on the Heat Pump Market in Spain) and Austria (dr. Fabian Ochs from UIBK – Unit for Energy Efficient Buildings on the Heat Pump Market in Austria).

At the Conference itself twenty presentations were held covering a number of topics on domestic hot water heat pumps and some ten presentations on topics directly related to the work in the Annex.

All papers from the Conference on Domestic Hot Water can be downloaded as ZIP-file.


2016 – Second Working Meeting in Belfast – United Kingdom

The group at the Belfast meeting

  1. Market overview of France – mr. Mihai Radulescu – EDF
  2. Centre for Sustainable Technologies – prof. Neil Hewitt – Ulster University
  3. Market overview for the UK – mr. Nikhilkumar Shah – Ulster University
  4. Market overview for Canada – Roberto Sunyé – CanmetENERGY
  5. Queens University – Solar Calorimetry Laboratory – prof. Stephen Harrison – Queens University Canada
  6. Introducing Edel – mr. Stephen Patton Glen Dimplex UK


2016 – First Working meeting in Soesterberg – Netherlands

  1. Presentation of Dutch Policy – mrs. Marion Bakker – RVO
  2. State of the market in Netherlands – mr. Onno Kleefkens – Phetradico
  3. Calculation model for the Booster Heat Pump – mr. Jacob van Berkel – ENTRY
  4. Energy Costs Zero Houses and how to do it – mr. Hugo Jansen – Alklima – Mitsubishi
  5. Monitoring by a heat pumps manufacturer – mr. Leon van Bohemen – ITHO-Daalderop
  6. Example project, or how things can go wrong! – mr. Rokus Wybrans – ZonNL
  7. Heat Pump Water Heater Modelling – mr. Kevin Ruben Deutz – EDF
  8. State of the art on R&D in Japan – prof. Kiyoshi Saito – Waseda University