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Example projects in Existing buildings

Practical example projects of different systems in renovation for Multi-family building and Single Family Buildings. Factsheets are under the link on the name.

Single family Buildings

  • England – Dartmoor – Farmhouse renovation makes use of cascade air source heat pump to meet hot water and space heating demand and reduce energy bills.
  • Netherlands – Titus Brandsmastraat – ‘s-Hertogenbosch – Plug & Play renovation by a Housing Corporation of six terraced houses to level of Energy Zero
  • United States – Cocoa – Florida – Ducted heat pump water heater on Space Conditioning monitored in a single family house, tested side by side at the Flexible Residential Test facility laboratories
  • United States – Redding – California – Summer indoor Heat Pump Water Heater installed in installed in two existing homes in Redding, California in a hot-dry climate, monitored and evaluated by the Alliance for Residential Building Innovation.

Multi Family Buildings

  • Switzerland – Stauffacherstrasse – Bern – Modular and fully equipped pre-wall units for bathrooms considerably simplify and noticeably accelerate the renovation of old buildings. The pre-wall units incorporate a decentralised hot water tank with a high-performance vacuum insulation, a low-power heat pump and an intelligent control system.
  • Switzerland – Krummbach – Geuensee – Renovation of an old schoolbuilding with a Prefab Retrofit approach aiming to be a net zero energy building for heating, ventilation, and hot water with a high level of self-consumption with a ground source heat pump and solar electricity installed on the roof.
  • France – Claude-Tournier residence – Brie-Comte-Robert – Renovation of 205 social housing units in 13 buildings, with small collective hot water heat pumps installed in each building
    France –  Rennes – Renovation of 21 collective dwellings Multi Family Building in Bédée with individual air source heat pump water heaters with propane as refrigerant
  • France –  Soissons – Renovation in a Multi Family building in a social housing project connected to District Heating with individual domestic hot water heat pumps in 12 apartments
  • Netherlands – Paddepoel – Groningen – A first: Renovation of apartment complex becomes ‘zero on the meter’ for the energy use by installing individual air to water heat pumps in the 48 apartments and high-quality solar panels on the roof of the complex. The renovation is a plug & play building concept that did get Dura Vermeer the prestigious Dutch Sustainable Building Award in February 2016.
  • Netherlands – Soendalaan – Leiden – Renovation of 12 porch houses on the Soendalaan into ‘Zero Energy’ by applying a plug & play Second skin on the outside integrating the MultiBoiler heat pump concept for space heating and hot water.
  • Netherlands – DUWO Studenthouse – Leiden – Renovation of sanitary hot water supply in a circulation system student home fed by a high temperature heat pump with CO2 as refrigerant.
  • Netherlands – Urlusplantsoen – Leiden – Renovation of privately owned flats with a central heating system new type cascade ground source heat pump developed under the Dutch TKI-program Urban Energy.
  • Netherlands – Bomenwijk – Delft – Renovation of an existing mixed housing quarter owned by housing corporation Vestia, installing individual heat pumps with individual closed loop ground sources.