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The Annex communicates at different levels through publications in Scientific Journals and at a number of Conferences, presentations at Workshops and presentations at Working Meetings. The Operating Agent also focuses on inviting experts from non-participating countries.

  1. In May 2019 a Workshop was held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Seoul. Presentations were given by participants from to the Annex to inform Korean experts on the work done under the Annex.
  2. Papers by Annex participants have been published at the 12th IEA Heat Pump Conference, while other papers were presented at Purdue or published in the IIR Journal and other Journals
  3. In April 2018 a Workshop was held at the Waseda University on Tokyo Japan. Presentations  were held on R&D on Heat Pumps for Water Heating.
  4. At the regular Working Meetings participants exchange information in a number of presentations.

Information is found on the attached pages.