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The title projects is devided in a number of categories:

  • Example projects of practical application of Heat Pump Water Heaters in:
    • Single Family Buildings as:
      • Mono Domestic Hot Water Heat Pump
      • Double function Heat Pump delivering space heating/cooling next to Domestic Hot Water
      • Fresh water system
      • Combination with Solar Thermal hot water heating
    • Multi Family Buildings
      • Collective 2-pipe of 4-pipe systems
      • Invidual systems
      • Combination of collective and individual system with Booster Heat Pump
    • Special applications like hospitals and special homes for the elderly
  • R&D Projects
    • Running projects supported by governmental programs
    • Finalized projects

Projects are listed as Examples Projects and as Example Projects with CO2 as Refrigerant.

Examples are still sought for!

The overview of R&D projects is under construction