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The objective of the Annex is to analyse the information on hot water heat pumping technologies for the production of sanitary hot water in domestic and other applications. This information will be structured in such a way that leads to better understanding in the market by the end user and policy maker.

The work under the Annex will provide deeper insight into the potential of applying domestic hot water heat pumps using various concepts and systems for new as well as existing buildings by:

  • Reviewing available domestic hot water heat pumps and combined (double function) heat pumps making hot water next to space heating and/or cooling.
  • Reviewing the different systems for domestic hot water in their traditional and potential applications.
  • Gaining deeper insight in to the use of domestic hot water in order to create a solid basis for test and standardisation procedures.
  • Developing and validating models to enable an objective comparison of domestic hot water heat pumping technologies and other systems.
  • Modelling in order to optimize the design and development of domestic hot water heat pumps.
  • Making an overview of R&D within institutes and in-company market oriented developments,  sketching a scenario on the needed R&D.
  • Data basing and monitoring example projects to inform stakeholders of the viability of concepts.
  • Creating a web based information platform to serve countries participating in the Annex by publishing information on their market, legislation and policy.


The deliverables of the Annex are:

  • Report giving an overview of market developments and expectations in the participating countries and a number of non-participating countries.
  • Reference guide describing as much as possible presently available domestic hot water heat pumps and systems; software tools.
  • Objective calculation model for comparison of the real energy performance of the different hot water systems in the market, in order to make the right choices for newly built systems and for renovation
  • Overview of models usable for optimisation of domestic hot water heat pump technology and for the use in standards for built energy performance calculations.
  • Insight in real performances and use of domestic hot water as input for standards and calculation models.
  • Online database of available technologies, components, materials, and R&D on domestic hot water heat pumps.
  • Four workshops of which two will be next to a high profile Conference.
  • Input for the development of training courses for installers in the various participating countries.
  • Annual reports to the ExCo, two times annually, and a final report describing the work carried out under the Annex.

The main part of the information is available for the participants only.

During the Annex process information will be developed for the target  groups which will become  available to the general public. As the ultimate goal of the Annex is to contribute to the CO2 reduction potentially to be reached by the deployment domestic hot water heat pumps, the communication of the findings of the Annex is a logical step in the process.