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Operating Agent

Mr Onno Kleefkens – onno@phetradico.com – Phetradico – Consultant

Support Team

Mr Jacob van Berkel – ENTRY – Consultant

Mrs Karin Husmann – Inventum – Heat Pump Manufacturer

Mr Marijn Beekman – Techneco – Heat Pump Manufacturer

Mr Martan van Meurs – NRGTEQ BV – Heat Pump Manufacturer

Mr Erwin Jansen  – NATHAN – Heat Pump Supplier

Mr Martijn van Leerdam – Alklima – Heat Pump Supplier

Mr Imco Jansen – NIBE – Heat Pump Supplier

Mr Marc Emmen – Stiebel Eltron – Heat Pump Supplier

Executive Committee Delegate

Mrs. Marion Bakker – Dutch Energy Agency (RVO) – marion.bakker@rvo.nl


Activities for the Annex

Task 1 State of Art

Country report

Task 2 Systems

Analyses methodology for DHW systems and concepts

Task 3 Modelling

Two projects focusing on calculation and/or test models in order to design the optimal system and to fit into standards. The results will be presented at the HP Conference.

Model for Solar Thermal Assisted Heat Pumps

The model for Solar is based upon the stratification in storage tanks and the hourly solar data developed in ExCel. Due to their extremely high COP’s, Solar Thermal systems may be advantageously combined with heat pump systems. Though integrated systems are now entering the market, the lack of adequate system analysis tools (conform the Dutch Standards) has been acknowledged by the Dutch authorities (RVO), and has led to initiation of this project.

Booster Heat Pump, development of test procedure and calculation methodology in order to estimate the energy performance in various domestic applications

Increasing targets for building energy performance stimulate manufacturers to further innovations. One of these innovations is the Booster Heat Pump (BHP); a heat pump for preparation of domestic hot water with a with variable and elevated temperature heat source.

Task 4 R&D

Many of the projects are in company projects. As Netherlands has no manufacturers of heat pump components for the domestic market, the main projects are not fundamental R&D but rather applied development. Yet in this these developments ara basically innovative in their applications.

A number of these developments can be found in the Dutch Heat Pumping Journal vol 1, published in 2017.

Task 5 Example projects

  • Vosseburgt – Appartment block of 42 units rented to occupant by a housing corporation in Vleuten De Meern
  • Sophiastaete an example of a Booster Heat Pump in a Multi Family building in Henrik Ido Ambacht

Task 6 Communication