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Switzerland is represented by the Institute for Energy Systems (IES) of NTB University of Applied Sciences, Buchs. The participation is financially supported by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE).

National Team

Prof. Stefan Bertsch, Head of the Institute for Energy Systems, NTB; +41 81 755 34 69; stefan.bertsch@ntb.ch

Dr. Cordin Arpagaus, Senior Research Engineer, NTB;+41 81 755 34 94; cordin.arpagaus@ntb.ch

Prof. Dr. Daniel Gstöhl, Professor of Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics; NTB; +41 (0)81 755 34 26; daniel.gstoehl@ntb.ch

Executive Committee Delegate

Rita Kobler; Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE); +41 31 323 30 14; rita.kobler@bfe.admin.ch

Task 1 State of Art

Country report: Collecting and summarizing state-of-the-art data concerning: Energy policy, building standards, legislation, building statistics, overview of domestic hot water systems, domestic hot water consumption statistics, market trends as well as brands and professional associations.

Task 2 Systems

Provide information on commonly used, heat pump–based domestic hot water systems in Switzerland.

Task 3 Modelling

Support the task leader with modeling experience from past projects and provide field measurement data to validate the simulation tool.

Task 4 R&D

Provide an overview on the R&D projects of domestic hot water heat pumps in Switzerland.

Task 5 Example projects

Provide information on actual projects that receive high attention in Switzerland.

 Task 6 Communication

Provide installation guidelines that are currently in use in Switzerland.