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Sustainable domestic hot water production with heat pumping technologies will become the dominant energy demand in the domestic infra structure offering affordable smart storage opportunities.

Workshop ‘Heat Pump Water Heaters, a challenging future

At the 25th IIR Conference ICR 2019 in Montréal on 27th August a Workshop attracting more than eighty participants. Presentations were held by experts from the participating countries in the Annex and invited speakers from Spain and Sweden. The presentations and relevant papers published by the presenters are available on this website under the publication pages.

13th IEA Heat Pump Conference

At the IEA Heat Pump Conference which will be held from 11 – 14 May 2020 at the Ramada Plaza Hotel in Jeju (South Korea) we expect a great number of presentations on technology advances for Heat Pump Heaters. At the successful 2017 Conference in Rotterdam we received 24 papers and 2 key notes on Heat Pump Water Heaters and related technologies. This was the basis of full day of presentations on this topic.

Be sure to be on JEJU!

Next to this interesting great number of presentations/papers we are planning to organize a special Workshop on ‘Modelling Heat Pump Water Heaters’. Many institutes and universities are working on modelling the relation between heat exchanger (i.e. condenser), refrigerant, storage, storage size, stratification and performance. We are bringing the experts together to discuss the future developments, where like in Rotterdam we like to discuss the relation to other technologies, like solar and smart technologies.

2019 Workshop in Seoul

In the Seoul Intercontinental Hotel an Annex Workshop was held at 16th May 2019 to inform Korea experts about the works undertaken in the Annex and the importance for Korea to participate. Presentations were given by the Annex participants.

Some News:

  1. At the 25th IIR Conference ICR 2019 in Montréal there were six presentations on Heat Pump Water Heaters and related technologies. 
  2. A presention on the Annex was held by Cordin Arpagaus at the Swiss IEA Networking event.
  3. New Papers published by Annex participants on PUBLICATIONS page.
  4. Rocky Mountains Insititute publishes interesting report on Zero Energy Houses in the USA with a clear statement about Heat Pump Water Heaters
  5. All papers from the 12th IEA Heat Pump Conference on Domestic Hot Water can be downloaded as ZIP-file.

IEA HPT Annex 46 is an international project on heat pumping technologies for Domestic Hot Water (DHW) under the IEA Technical Collaboration Program for Heat Pumping Technologies (TCP-HPT).